A downloadable game for Windows


  • Arrow keys / Left Analogue Stick - Move left and right.
  • Spacebar / A button - Jump!
  • F10 - Toggle Fullscreen Mode
  • ESC - Quit game


Avoid slimes. 
Just like life: you don't win. You only stay alive as long as you can.


  • Slimepocalypse v1  
    • The original submission to the jam
  • Slimepocalypse v2
    • All known bugs fixed
    • Added basic controller support
  • Slimepocalypse v.0.3
    • Polished controls and fixed bugged coyote time jumps
    • Added slime respawning
    • Added a timer
    • Fixed ramp collision for both slimes and player
    • New installer
    • Added SPIKES! Ooooo...
  • Slimepocalypse v.0.4
    • More bug fixes
    • Improved slime physics:
      • Slimes act as a fluid
      • OpenCL accelerated slime physics for OpenCL capable machines
      • Multithreaded slime physics for multicore machines
    • Larger map
    • Slimes are no longer green
    • Added slime counter at bottom of screen

Install instructions

For the first two downloads you will have to: Unzip and run Slimepocalypse.exe

Otherwise download and run the installer (SlimepocalypseInstaller_v.0.3.exe or Slimepocalypse_v.0.4.exe)

Slimepocalypse_v.0.4.exe may require the user to install OpenCL; check your GPU or CPU provider's websites for OpenCL drivers and or compatibility with OpenCL software.


Slimepocalypse v1.zip 3 MB
Slimepocalypse v2.zip 3 MB
SlimepocalypseInstaller_v.0.3.exe 3 MB
SlimepocalypseInstaller_v.0.4.exe 3 MB

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